Vehicles + wind monitors = safer roads

Ever been driving on an open road and suddenly had your vehicle pushed out of the lane? This happened to me as I was driving through Seattle. I was driving on the highway going about 110km/h when the crosswind pushed my vehicle into the next lane over, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. That was a big eye opener for me, I realized just how much of an effect the elements can have on a vehicle.  I was fortunate that there were no vehicles in the lanes next to me or else there would have been a huge accident. Future drivers may not be as lucky. If only there were a way of warning drivers about dangerous crosswinds.


I was watching the golf channel one day and noticed someone holding up a device before each golfer would shoot, I realized it was a wind monitor.  Then the idea hit me, why not combine the wind reader used on the golf course and put it inside vehicles to give drivers more knowledge about the conditions outside of the car.  Giving drivers another monitoring system when out on the road can be crucial for safety, and would give the driver more confidence on the open road.


I’m picturing a crosswind monitoring system that is colour gauged, with green meaning good conditions, yellow being strong, and red being severe winds.  This method would allow for easy visual comprehension.  If you have any other methods in mind that would help notify the driver of wind conditions, feel free to drop a comment.


Devices like the one I’m describing can be one of the many functions of the future vehicle. As cars get smarter each year and utilize better warning systems this could be another one to add to the list. Other useful purposes for this device would be wind mapping, now that cars are becoming more like computers wind data could be transmitted to a database which monitors wind throughout a province or state.  The more information you can compile the safer the roads will be.